Redefining Shopping
with love
Spree was created from a desire to make online shopping memorable while enhancing the personal connection.

My first job at 16 was as a sales associate at JCPenney and my first job in New York City, post-university studies, was the Executive Program at Saks Fifth Avenue. I have always had a passion for retail, fashion, and consumers, which led me to VOGUE in 1997. Over my career in New York City, I have experienced every side of the fashion business from a sales associate, buyer, wholesaler and marketer. I have been intrigued by creativity and creators but most passionate about the business of fashion.

In April of 2020, my passion turned into a mission. From my living room window in Hudson Yards, I watched the beautiful newly open mall go from a buzzy playground for the shopper and visitors to a desolate steel structure, stores were closed and people were forced to stay home. The entire world changed overnight. As each day passed, I plugged into BoF live chats and read as many Mckinsey reports as I could. I learned that in the first 2-months of lockdown, 2 Million sales associates were furloughed or fired as the stores showed no sign of reopening. I thought to myself, why are sales associates beholden to a brick-and-mortar store when they have their customers and their phones. This began the journey of Spree …

We set out to build a tool that helps retailers, brands and sales associates meet their customers wherever they are anytime, anywhere.

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Freedom to shop the world’s most coveted brands on demand from anywhere.